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APOGEE SOUND INTERNATIONAL: APOGEE SOUND offers high quality, high reliability loudspeakers, stage monitors, subwoofers and accessories at competitive prices. The sound quality and coverage is excellent. Offering a variety options for small to mid-sized corporate boardrooms and meeting halls, school auditoriums, restaurants, bars, retail stores, houses of worship, theaters, concert halls, sports venues, theme parks, clubs and more. APOGEE offers an SX weather treatment for harsh environments which works well for hard wired outdoor installations such as water parks, football fields, outdoor dining areas and more. We have found the sound quality of Apogee Loudspeakers in large area outdoor settings to be excellent. We are proud to offer a free demonstration to anyone interested in learning more about the Apogee product line.

BEST®: BEST Intellegentia Nurse Call Systems is known World Wide for excellence in the healthcare industry. Regardless of your requirement, the flexibility of BEST will provide the type of call system to meet all of your needs. Our customers choose how the call information is to be received by the caregivers; displays, speech to wireless units, signals from other fixed or wireless units - the potential is great. You can build the system the way you want, and easily change as needed. The BEST system is a decentralized, addressable system without the need for a central answering console or attendant. With today's reduced staffing, caregivers are required to provide care whenever a call is received. With BEST, the call will follow the attendant and always be received, without an added pocket paging system.

BOGEN®: Bogen Communications manufactures speakers, paging systems, amplifiers, intercoms, mixers, clock systems, telephone products, music and input sources and microphones. They have been in business since 1932, manufacturing audio and public address systems for schools as well as businesses.

WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. is a Certified Engineered Sound Systems dealer for Bogen School Intercom System line in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and North East Massachusetts, since our inception in 1973. This is a special line of systems that are designed especially for school administrative communications. The Multicom 2000 system is microprocessor-controlled and fully field-programmable for remarkable versatility and dependability. The Quantum Multicom IP is a network that connects administrative areas and staff locations in a single building, multiple building sites throughout a school campus, or an entire school district. It is filled with a variety of quality features and functions you can rely on every day for routine communications as well as depend on should an emergency situation occur. Note: This can be added as an enhancement to a Multicom already in service.

FRANKLIN: Franklin Time Systems manufactures GPS Wireless clock Systems, wired clock systems, event programmer systems, digital and analog clocks and a variety of other accessories and clock styles. Wire guards for gymnasiums and athletic facilities as well as specialty clocks and systems are available.
KDM: KDM manufactures a series of specialty speakers, speaker clusters and Octasound® speakers. These unique speakers are ideal for covering a large auditorium, theater, stadium or an acoustically challenging facility. Offering commercial quality sound for applications far beyond paging, the KDM speaker lines are an excellent way to reproduce sound and project it in multiple directions from a speaker cluster, allowing for better coverage and superior quality.

LOWELL: Lowell manufactures a full commercial sound and paging system equipment line, complete with equipment racks and cabinets, speakers, paging horns, volume controls and other accessories.

MACKIE: A well-known product for its line of mixers and amplifiers, Mackie is a brand WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. is proud to offer. Offering loudspeakers, studio monitoring, digital processors, pre-amplifiers, amplifiers and mixers.

PASO SOUND: Paso Sound & TEAC Audio, offer commercial grade CD players, microphones, portable sound systems, speakers, infrared systems, assistive listening and tour systems. Some equipment may be interfaced with others, allowing features such as adding background music to a paging system.

PEAVEY: Offering microphones, mixers, portable PA systems, power amplifiers, processing and effects equipment.

UNIFIED OFFICE: WCSI is proud to announce our partnership with UNIFIED OFFICE. Unified Office offers a comprehensive alternative to a basic small business telephone system. This system and service integrates the latest and greatest in technology available, allowing small to mid-sized businesses to take full advantage of this technology without the need or cost of an IT department. By integrating your devices such as Smartphones and tablets, you can have peace of mind that your customers and clients can communicate with you on the go. The demand for mobility has never been greater. UNIFIED OFFICE has made it possible for the smaller business to utilize and tap into the technology, without the price tag. The business phones are interchangeable, so no matter the size of your business now, it can grow with you without having to change out a KSU or replace equipment. From a small Dental Office to an Airport, Unified Office has a package within your reach, that can allow you to concentrate on what you do best and let us do the rest.

Please call us for a free demonstration.

WEST PENN WIRE: West Penn cable is a well-known, good quality cable manufacturer. We use West Penn Wire for most of the systems we install WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. can provide West Penn cable to Electrical Contractors and/or other customers if it is needed for a job.

WILLIAMS SOUND CORP.: Williams Sound has a comprehensive line of products for hearing assistance applications. They offer everything from mini amplifiers for telephones, to hearing assistance systems for multiple users. This unique line of products has been truly helpful to many of our clients. So many people have difficulty in hearing, especially in a large group.

WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. is very proud to be a Williams Sound dealer. We have numerous Church’s and facilities with these systems in place for members and visitors. As well as individuals who chose to have a personal PA system of their own. If you would like any information on this incredible product line, please give us a call. We would be honored to assist you.

Additional products and brands are also available.
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Williams Communications Services, Inc. has been a Bogen Engineered Sound Dealer and Distributor for over thirty years. Bogen specializes in manufacturing one of the best School Intercom Systems in the Nation. The MULTICOM and QUANTUM systems are microprocessor based intercommunication systems, that provide state of the art technology and an unparalelled reliability for everyday use in schools and various other applications (larger businesses and facilities with mass communication needs).

Bogen Communications also manufactures some of the best commercial grade sound products available for a variety of communication solutions.

WCSI can customize and configure sound, intercom, paging and emergency call systems to fit any business need, small or large. When your business is ready to talk, give Williams a call.