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Systems and Services

WILLIAMS COMMUNICATIONS SERVICES, INC. offers sales, installation and service of the following systems.

Communications Systems: WCSI has an extensive variety of intercommunication systems, from small office intercom systems, to school administrative communications systems and everything in between. We feature commercial grade systems only and provide our customers with the best quality equipment, installation, service and maintenance. School Intercommunication Systems are a specialty of ours. We are the Bogen Engineered Sound Systems Distributor and installer for NH and VT. Please view our Products page of our website for a detailed description of the Bogen Products.

Nurse Call/Emergency Call Systems: WCSI offers sales, installation, service and maintenance of nurse call and emergency call systems. These systems vary from pendant transmitter/receiver systems, to audio/visual systems for facilities such as assisted living facilities, hospitals and nursing homes. We are the BEST Healthcare Authorized Dealer/Distributor for New England. This is a Nurse Call System which can be configured to nearly any caregiver’s individual needs, from a large multi-building medical facility, to a small Doctor's office. Please visit our product page for details.

Sound & Sound Reinforcement Systems: WCSI offers sound system options for a variety of applications and needs. We have a variety of commercial grade products for every sound need. Background music, paging, outdoor field announcements, bi-directional and omni-directional speakers for small, medium and large coverage needs. Some of our specialties in this field are sound reinforcement systems for Church’s, school gym systems, outdoor small to large field sound and paging systems, department store paging and background music systems and many more. We feature Apogee Sound International and Bogen products. Also available is the Williams Sound assistive listening systems product line, for Tourguide systems, personal amplification systems and multi-user amplification systems for the hearing impaired.

Telephone and Voice Mail Systems: WCSI offers solutions for small to mid-sized business telephone needs. We have systems that can help route your calls, provide you with inter-office intercom from phone to phone and many other features and options. The voice mail systems we offer have many features that can help your business run more smoothly and offer a professional approach to helping your business or organization meet it’s customers’ needs. WCSI offers several name brands and can recommend the system best suited for your needs.
Williams Communications Services, Inc. has also become a Partner with UNIFIED OFFICE. This innovative high tech company offers a comprehensive solution for all of your small to mid-sized business communication needs. The service of UNIFIED OFFICE eliminates the need to have an IT department, allowing smaller businesses access to the technology that only larger businesses could afford and manage. This service allows you the integrate all of your portable devices such as your laptop, Smartphones and tablets. You will still have the simplicity and ease of use that you are used to. However, by utilizing the latest technology, your better able to keep in touch with your customers and clients and have access to your voice mail, e-mail and data while on the go. The demand for small to mid-sized business to be more mobile has never been more affordable and accessable. Please give us a call for a demonstration and a free estimate.

Data Cabling: WCSI offers inner office data cabling. Many telephone and Internet providers do not offer internal wiring of office buildings and other facilities. WCSI noticed the need in this field and has certified our technicians on data cabling to best serve our customers.

Site Survey’s and Quotes: WCSI will perform a site survey and provide you with a quote, at no cost or obligation to you. We have many systems, products and services to meet your specific needs. We also will service most major brands on existing systems in need of service. If you find that you are in need of a system analysis or would like further information on any of the products or services we provide, please feel free to see our product and service list, or call us at (603)-427-2922.
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